Sunday, January 16, 2011

Asterix Comic Books: Fun Gift Ideas From Eleven-Year-Old Grace

(by Grace, age 11)
Asterix Comics are very, very funny--the most comical books I've ever read. These best-sellers are seriously something that the whole family can enjoy.

How Obelix Fell Into the Magic Potion: When He Was a Little Boy

Grace: The idea of a young Obelix is quite funny, and when I read it the idea became reality in the most comical way. READ IT, 'cause it really is the best.

Asterix and the Actress

Grace:  While Asterix and Obelix are celebrating their joint birthday party in the Gaulish village, strange things are happening. Why, for instance, are the Roman soldiers fighting each other? Find out in Asterix and the Actress.

Asterix in Spain

Grace: Join Asterix as he strives to reunite a little Spanish boy with his parents. Will Asterix be able to break out of prison without his magic potion?

Asterix in Britain

Grace: Asterix's adventure in Britain is so enormously funny that I shouldn't wonder if it is the most comical of the whole Asterix comic book series.

Asterix and Cleopatra

Grace: Caesar would tip his hat, er, helmet . . . at this book about Cleopatra. And as for Cleopatra, well, she would recommend it even though the book comments quite loudly about her nose.

Asterix in Switzerland

Grace: As Asterix seeks the antidote for a dire sickness, Romans are chasing him frantically. Who will reach the precious flower (the antidote) first?

I think they would all make good gifts, because whenever I get an Asterix book for a gift, I go through the roof!


  1. My children loved any Asterix book as a kid. The great thing is they continue to love them as adults. We have a huge pile that gets passed from house to house. It is great that they are now sharing them with my grandchildren. Ambuya

  2. Ambuya, I see that we are of one mind--the Asterix books are tiptop! (By the way, nice name! What does it mean?) Grace

  3. Grace,
    My children loved to read. Besides avid Asterix fans, they loved Willard Price novels. As they traveled they found that the story line was fictional, but the places in the stories were true with acurate details. They were excited to arrive at some point and already know something about that new place. It helped them start their own adventure. Ambuya is a chiShona word meaning 'grandmother'. Ambuya


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