Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top Three Silly Board Books My Two-Year-Old Loves (And So Do I)

(by Mom, with help from Baby, age 2)
Two-year-olds want the same favorite books read to them over and over again, so they might as well be books with a good rhythm, a catchy theme, and some silliness! These are some of the fun board books my littlest one likes to hear again and again (and I don't feel tempted to hide them from her like I do some toddler-friendly books!)

(Baby says, "Sankoo Mommy!" )

The Napping House

The artwork in this one is a big plus!

Is Your Mama a Llama?

This one's great if your little one likes critters!

But Not the Hippopotamus

This book never fails to make me smile. Classic Boynton!

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  1. Hi baby travler,
    If your mama is a LLama then is your dad a kangeroo? Can your grandmother be an elephant? Ambuya


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