Sunday, January 16, 2011

Eight-Year-Old Emily's Picks: Easy Chapter Books for Kids Who Love Mysteries

(by Emily, age 8, and Mom)
Mom's note: While a series sometimes gets in a rut, these books are consistently enjoyable for 8-year-old Emily. The great thing about a series: she's already excited about the next book before she ever starts to read it.

Boxcar Children
Emily: The four Alden children start out living in a boxcar together in book one, and go on to live happily with their grandfather as they solve fun mysteries in the rest of the series. Great books! Can't stop reading them!

The Third Grade Detectives
Emily: With the help of the teacher, Mr. Merlin, the third grade class can crack secret codes and solve crimes. There's not a mystery they can't solve. I also enjoy trying to crack the codes if they're not too hard.

Cam Jansen
Emily: Cam Jansen can solve any mystery with the help of her friend, Eric, and her amazing mind that can remember anything she sees.

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